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COVID-19 Gorge Community Response Fund 
Partnership of United Way of the Columbia Gorge and 
the Healthy Gorge Initiative

At United Way of the Columbia Gorge and the Healthy Gorge Initiative, we believe our primary role and responsibility is to ensure community members are cared for. We’ve developed a simple grant application process to expedite funding to nonprofits providing essential services and experiencing the greatest impact.


If your organization provides essential services in Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Klickitat or Skamania counties and it needs assistance due to conditions caused directly by the COVID-19 pandemic, your organization is eligible for grants from this Community Response Fund. 

These funds are limited so we ask that you limit your request to the amount you can effectively spend in the coming weeks and months. Please keep in mind this may not be your only opportunity to request funding from us and we will keep you advised of fund availability.


Here is a list of prior awards to see what this fund supports.


The application process will is open and applications are being accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, depending on available funding. Funds are typically distributed within two weeks of submission.


For more information or questions about the applications, contact:

Paul Lindberg, Collective Impact Health Specialist


For more information or questions about donating to the fund, contact:

Karen Neitzel, Board President of the United Way of the Columbia Gorge

*Please note that we will continually evaluate the community needs. Due to the changing nature of this outbreak, the types of projects and available funding from this program may also shift over time. We’re figuring this out alongside our community and will adapt as we go.

~ Grants will only be made to 501c3 organizations

~ Current United Way grantees are eligible to apply for these funds

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 2.23.44 PM.png


(fields limited to 500 words each)

Organization mission and primary activities
Need: What is the need your organization is facing as a result of Covid-19?
How will you use these funds to meet the need described above?
Please define the impact these funds will have on your organization, e.g., # of clients served, services provided, positions secured, or other impacts.
What counties will be served through this request?
Please provide percentages per county if appropriate (not required), e.g., Hood River __%

By submitting this application, I certify the following:

~ The above information is correct;

~ I am authorized by the governing board of this organization to submit this grant application;

~ This organization is in good standing with the IRS, retains its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, and is further classified as a public charity and not a private foundation;

~ This organization does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical circumstances, age, status as a veteran, or national origin.

Thanks for submitting! Your screen will go blank after you hit submit. You will receive a confirmation email within 30 mins. If you don't receive confirmation, 

please email

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