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In 2013, Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital was reconsidering its role as community partner. Members of Providence’s then-Mission Outreach & Community Health Advisors (MOCHA) committee had become frustrated with the number of grant opportunities the Gorge community was missing without even stepping up to the plate to take a swing. So, they did what we typically do in the Gorge, they concocted an entirely untried and innovative idea. They thought it would be a good idea to hire a ‘community grantwriter.’


They named this role Collective Impact Health Specialist (CIHS) and designed it to provide grantwriting support to agencies in the Columbia Gorge that are working to address community-identified needs. Since 2013, this model has helped develop more than 100 new, collaborations and secured more than $28 million in grant funds, and now there are two Collective Impact Health Specialists in the Gorge... Paul Lindberg and Claire Wagner.


In order for the CIHS to work on a project, the idea must meet the following criteria:

~ address a need identified in the Community Health Improvement Plan

~ include three or more partners (including lead agency)


If your idea meets this project and you are interested in working with the CIHS, please complete the form through the link below. 

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