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PAUL LINDBERG  |  JD, Collective Impact Health Specialist

United Way-Columbia Gorge /

Providence Hood River Hospital  




Mr. Lindberg is the  Collective Impact Health Specialist for the Columbia Gorge, a unique role funded by Providence Hood River Hospital through a grant to the United Way-Columbia Gorge. In this community-based role Mr. Lindberg utilizes 25 years of experience to work with partners across sectors to identify needs, convene partners to design initiatives to address those needs, then secure funding to support those initiatives. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation specifically recognized the Collective Impact Health Specialist role when it awarded the Columbia Gorge with its Culture of Health Prize in 2016.  


Mr. Lindberg sits on the Board of the Columbia Gorge Health Council/CCO; he is a TEDMED Research Scholar, vetting speakers for the TEDMED program; and he is a member of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health Prize National Advisory Group, helping review and select prize-winning communities.

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