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While many individuals, agencies, and organizations are engaged

in the work to build a healthier community, three organizations stand out,

or in this case stand behind the scenes to support the work.


Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital

As a critical care access hospital in a rural community that is part of one of the largest health care systems in the United States, Providence Hood River is having an enormous impact on this community. Serving as an anchor institution for this work Providence funds the Collective Impact Health Specialist role, which is fundamental - the model and the work - to our community's success. In addition, Providence staff helps lead the Community Health Assessment and development of the Community Health Improvement Plan. And, it also funds individual initiatives. Providence Hood River is the very definition of a good collaborator, it puts money on the table and then puts its hands behind its back.

For more information, contact

Mark Thomas  |  Mission Integration Services Director



United Way of the Columbia Gorge

In addition to the traditional roles that United Ways play in many 
communities, UWCG also serves as the fiscal home for the Collective Impact Health Specialist and Learning Specialist roles. To this end, UWCG manages grants that fund both of those positions. Beyond these administrative roles, UWCG is also leaning into the work of the Healthy Gorge Initiative by actively aligning its annual giving with the Community Health Improvement Plan. This alignment has allowed more agency partners to expand their on-the-ground efforts to make a healthier community. 

For more information, contact 


Oregon Health & Science University

Chelsea Ruder  |  OHSU Community Research Liaison

Ms. Ruder works with local community partners to identify opportunities

and/or project needs for research to help move existing and future projects/initiatives forward. By identifying opportunities and/or project

needs, Ms. Ruder supports community partners in building strong partnerships with OHSU/academia. These collaborations are intended to strengthen current programs and develop expertise and tools that support research best practice within the community. Ms. Ruder works closely with the Community Health Advocacy and Research Alliance, the Collective Impact Health Specialist, and Learning Specialist to support collaboration, data-driven decision making and evaluation efforts in the Gorge. To apply for project assistance, click here


For more information, contact

Chelsea Ruder  |  OHSU Community Research Liaison

Columbia Gorge  


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