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This entire effort is rooted in collaboration... and that is by design.

First, Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital's, local Mission Outreach for Community Health Advisors made a decision

           to spend community benefit dollars on a 'community grant writer' rather than distribute multiple small grants.

Second, they began collaborating with local grantwriter, Paul Lindberg with Hat Creek Consulting. Together they designed

           the Collective Impact Health Specialist model of community grant writing.

Third, together they reached out to the United Way-Columbia Gorge to serve as the fiscal manager.

Fourth, they identified two criteria for the community to utilize the CIHS role for a project. 

                             ~ the project needs to address an issue identified in the Community Health Improvement Plan

                                      (a 45+ partner collaborative effort unto itself).

                              ~ the project needs to include at least two, preferably three community partners.

                                    This requirement essentially 'bakes' collaboration into the work.


The practical impact of this approach has been significant:

each of the almost 100 projects the CIHS model has supported have been

collaboratively designed and implemented; in other words, 100 distinct collaborative efforts. 

The intangible outcome of this approach has been a Culture of Collaboration.

Collaboration is often the first step local partners think of when addressing a need, rather than the last. 


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