Veggie Prescription


Providing prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables through doctors and social services, redeemable at 10 farmers markets and 18 grocery stores in the five county region.
Partner Organizations: Gorge Grown Food Network, One Community Health, 25+ local partners

Funding Partners: Oregon Community Foundation, Mid Columbia Medical Center, Providence Hood River Hospital, Skyline Hospital, Columbia Gorge Health Council, Tofurky. Total: $62,500

To learn more about Veggie RX, please visit the Gorge Grown Food Network website! 

Rx = $ directly for vouchers

Individual donors - 50,000 (staff, overhead, and Rx)  

One Community Health - Rx 26,000 (through 2016)  

Providence - Evaluation 22,000 for Photovoice Project  

Oregon Community Foundation - Veggie Rx staff/overhead/printing 20,000

Columbia Gorge Health Council - Rx 15,000 

Skyline Hospital - Rx 12,000 

Providence Hospital - Rx 10,000 

Mid Columbia Medical Center - Rx 10,000 

Columbia Gorge Family Medicine- Rx 5,500 (through 2016) 


Does not include Food Security Coalition funding:

Oregon Community Foundation 20,000

Providence Hospital 22,000


Does not include all funders like ToFurkey and Rotaries (under $5,000)