Culture of Collaboration: July

     Holy crap, July was busy.  (Apologies for the language).  Through our collaborative work, 9 community partners submitted 11 grant applications seeking a total of $1,553,000 for the Gorge community!  From a $10,000 grant to build our collaborative capacity to $1,050,000 to address childhood obesity, these projects will support and utilize the expertise of more than 40 community partners and impact thousands of community members. 

     All of these proposals demonstrate the power and success of this community’s collaborative work.  Below is a list of those application submitted in July.

Ernest Hemingway's typewriter - Havana, Cuba

Ernest Hemingway's typewriter - Havana, Cuba


Oral Health Program ­

Expand and support the Gorge Dental Coalition’s work to educate community members and medical providers about good oral health.

Partners: One Community Health, multiple dental providers/clinics.

Funder: PacificSource Community Health Excellence program $13,000 (pending)


Trauma Informed Practices – Agency focus

Continuing work of MARC grant and Sanctuary model with a focus on supporting more staff training and Learning Collaboratives.

Partners: Mid Columbia Center for Living, Columbia Gorge Health Council, Dept of Human Services, Wasco Youth Services (among others).

Funder: PacificSource Community Health Excellence - $45,000 (pending)


Food Security Coalition                                                                                                           

Coalition of 35+ organizations working together to build a resilient, inclusive food system.

Partners: GGFN, 35 community organizations

Funder: Meyer Memorial Trust $60,000 (pending)


Trauma Informed Practices – Community member focus

Continuing work of MARC grant and Sanctuary model with a focus on supporting individual community members.

Partners: Mid Columbia Center for Living, Columbia Gorge Health Council, Dept of Human Services, Wasco Youth Services (among others).                       

Funders: Oregon Community Foundation $20,000 (pending)


Equity & Family Partnerships  

Creating an Equity & Family Partnership staff position to coordinate services inside and outside school.

Partners: HRCSD and multiple community organizations

Funder: Meyer Memorial Trust  $175,000 (pending)


Micro-loans and credit development

Develop program to provide small loans for Mid Columbia Housing clients to overcome financial barriers and develop stronger credit.

Partners: Mid Columbia Housing Authority; multiple community partners & service providers

Funder: Meyer Memorial Trust $100,000 (pending)


Increasing Collective Impact capacity

Creating a Communications Specialist position to help inform community partners and outside stakeholders about the work in the community.

Partners: United Way - Columbia Gorge; multiple partners.

Funder: Oregon Community Foundation $12,000 (pending)


Veggie Prescription for Pregnant Mothers    

Providing prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables for pregnant moms at Hood River Health Dept.

Partners: Gorge Grown Food Network; Hood River County Health Dept.; Providence Hood River Hospital; Oregon State University-Hood River Extension; 35+ redemption sites

Funder: PacificSource Foundation $35,000 (pending)


Reducing Childhood Obesity

Increasing after-school physical activities, increasing consumption of fruits/vegetables, and reducing consumption of simple carbohydrates for youth ages 5-11 in the Gorge.

Partners: No. Central Public Health District; Hood River County School District; No. Wasco County School District; Oregon State University – Extension Service; The Next Door; Gorge Grown Food Network, among others.

Funder: US Office of Minority Health $350,000 x 3 yrs ($1,050,000 total pending)


Bridges to Health Pathways

Continued support for Bridges to Health program – a Pathways model program that changes the way social services are funded, how referrals are made, and data is collected.

Partners: Columbia Gorge Health Council; six current partners, with more to be included.

Funder: Oregon Community Foundation $10,000 (pending)


Community Learning Specialist

Pilot a community-based position that will help define and implement a common data collection and data analysis process that will increase our ability to measure our ‘success’ on different levels and make better, data-informed decisions.

Partners: United way Columbia Gorge, multiple partners

Funder: Knight Cancer Institute Community Partnership Program $25,000 (LOI submitted)

These initiatives, in and of themselves, have the potential to impact thousands of community members and help make our community stronger on an individual level and organizational level.

And, that’s just from the month of July!!

I’d like to say that August is going to be slower, but we are now revving up for several full applications to the Knight Cancer Community Partnership Program with a deadline of September 1.  And, then of course, the Columbia Gorge Health Council has a local grant deadline of September 15.  So, here we go again…

As a friend of mine used to say, ‘when life starts coming at you full speed, don’t despair, just smile, open wide and say, don’t scrimp on the jalapenos!’ 

updated 8/3/17